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The influence of the weather is something that keeps me wonder. It is one of my constant interests. Worth to observe and describe. Worth to document. As my sister and her husband are scientists I am following the scientific discourse in their research field, which is to measure climate data in the atmosphere on different height levels. What makes it especially interesting for me is their visual data collection, for example, their all-sky camera which captured only in Finland around 116.000 photographs.

I am wondering if there can be gained insights through an aesthetic investigation of this material? Or if it will stay on a formal visual level, that may be aesthetical pleasing without revealing new information?


Project: All-sky camera
By: Stephanie Müller
Source visuals by Natalie and Bernd Kaifler; belonging to the data set ‘Finland, Sodankyla, 2015’; November to May
Year: ongoing

As a visual designer, I am investigating how I could use these data sets for own visual research studies. Creating a keogram or different groupings could be one option using the position of the sun, time, colour, clouds, moon, snow, rain or phenomena like northern lights.

Another approach would be more artistic to be inspired by these photographs and use them in a very graphical way. Or turn them into another kind of visual by removing the context and source. It could be a fictional setting, faking scientific meaning where there is no.


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