My Studio was founded in 2020 after studying in a Master program in Switzerland. I always knew I wanted to consult with clients with my way of understanding design and how I approach new projects.

Besides exploring experimental graphic design in various projects, I also collected experience working for agencies and design bureaus. I always loved the flair of minimalistic premium brands, the challenges of cultural and educational projects, as well as the sensitive language that is needed to communicate with user and target groups in an empathetic way.

I worked as an independent designer on projects in the field of health, education, lifestyle, art and culture.

My favourite part of being a studio owner is the client contact; I’m a big believer every product or service needs an individual visual language to tell its story in a contemporary, inclusive way. Whether you’re a potential client or collaborator, I hope to receive an email from you saying  ‘ hi ’ .

I work for international clients, collaborate with studios, agencies, or work on-site client.

I work for international clients, collaborate with studios, agencies, or work on-site client.

With 8+ Years of experience in the design industry, I am offering design services in the following fields:

—      Art Direction + Consulting
Developing design concepts across different media channels

—      Identity and Branding   
Naming, Logo Development, Design Guidelines + Systems

—     UX and UI   
Research, Visual Design, high-fidelity Wireframes, Prototyping

—     Presentations + Pitch Decks  
Layout for Corporate, Research / Scientific, and Pitch Presentations

—     Print Products   
Books, Magazines, Brochures, Reports, Poster, Flyer


Let's talk about your needs and project requirements.

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Ready to team up

Studio Collective

Studio Collective

For bigger projects I team up with Alessandra Puricelli.
Together we are Studio Basic.



I frequently collaborate with Studio Erika – 
Shane McLean and Daria Vuistiner


For enquiries or questions please don’t hesitate to contact me.
I’d be happy to send you a PDF-Portfolio on request.

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