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A visual analysis includes various sets of images that start with existing material within the framework of a topic to own created visuals that will be analysed iteratively. The analysis is a centre point of visual research and enables to gain new insights. Therefore different media allow a different kind of observations and should be considered.

A process book, for example, can be used as the first step of an analysis, collecting loose thoughts, keywords and text snippets. Categories and key aspects can be filtered and found. It can also be helpful to access images during the analysis in a physical way. Even though the handling and arrangement could be done digitally, printed material allows a different kind of experience within the material collection.

The final detailed documentation can include longer text summaries of findings, as well as shorter comments on selected image series to sum up the analysis.


Project: Looking into Fog
By: Stephanie Müller
Year: 2019

Coming from the idea of observing and translating weather conditions into abstract visuals, the topic was pursued with a focus on fog as it is a unique condition that offers a visual exploration within the design.

During the design process, images were created with a mix of media such as analog sketching, the use of brush and ink, photography, and vector graphics. To be able to visualize a fog atmosphere, mostly digital collages or image series were created to either focus on a fragmented seeing or to enlarge the feeling of confusion by offering different perspectives.

Processbook: 250 pages, 180 x 280mm
Final Documentation: 200 pages, 180 x 280mm
Presentation wall: Selected material of the process


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