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Every topic, brand or company has its history which is worth to discover, especially to avoid unintentional connections. A critical evaluation of the iconic language is needed to create new visuals that consider the past, the present, as well as futuristic meanings that will come up after the release of the design.

A design needs its context and within that, it can be understood and decoded from a specific culture and society. To be aware of constrictions and conventions makes the design more accessible for the audience. The investigation of social influences on design can not be avoided and should become a priority in the first phase of the development.

When a design product is shifted into another culture it will create new impressions based on the conventions of perception according to a specific time and place.


Project: Mustermesse Basel ‘MUBA’ by MCH Group AG
By: Daria Vuistiner, Stephanie Müller
Year: 2018

After 103 years the traditional yearly fair found its end in 2019 and took place for the very last time between the 8th and 17th February. We were asked to design a key visual for this unique ‘Dernière’ in a competition setting. Engaging with the long history of this fair, we came across a certain value and simplicity that can be found especially in the poster designs of the 60-70s. We wanted to reconnect with a colourful play rooted in the iconic shape of the greek Mercury hat, which is the known symbol of the Basel fair.

The visual was printed in a four colour silk print procedure in the common poster size of Switzerland, ‘Weltformat’ (89.5 x 128 cm). About 600 prints were positioned in the city of Basel and close towns. Additionally, the key visual was used for various merchandising designs such as banners and flags.

In 2019 the poster was exhibited amongst swiss graphic design posters in Taipei, Taiwan.


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