02  Methods


A visual exploration can include field research. Taking props and samples can be helpful. The gathered material can be studied in a lab situation. The aim is to gain an understanding of the subject through a visual approach.

The method of exploration is an important base for a visual study, it can be the backbone to build up successful experiments. In the beginning, there should not be too many restrictions, it is more about an intuitive and broad discovery of visual possibilities. The more material is generated, the more variables are available. A detailed analysis of the images leads to a selection of material, which narrows down the amount of possibilities. Still, the whole data set should be stored and accessible throughout the process.


Project: The living moss — Translation of a botanical object into two-dimensional images using design-specific techniques
By: Stephanie Müller
Year: 2018

This exploration was about making conscious decisions of how to explain the moss with gesture and how to represent it through a visual language.
The character of the moss was depicted on the basis of colour, texture, structure, consistency, haptic and dimensionality. The visuals reflect the sophisticated, fine, monotonous, repetitive elements, as well as the diffuse relation of size and scale. The aim was to highlight the sensation of the living, breathing, organic character of this specific plant. It was about finding the initial moment of translation and the right balance of the level of abstraction. The effect of blurring opens space for interpretation, personal perception.

From the broad exploration, images were selected for a final image series that was discussed in-depth with the help of a theoretical paper.


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