01  Approach


In opposition to detailed process documentation, a visual archive can be seen as a material collection that is mostly used as a base for further developments. It does not include a written analysis, instead, it provides a broad variety of written and/or visual content.

A simple archive should provide one format for various contents, therefore it enables to compare and efficiently gather the material. Applying fixed rules for different techniques let the archive grow dynamically.

This working method leads to a structured creative process that is limited but opens up possibilities within these boundaries at the same time. The single pages can be printed and laid out several times during the process. In the end, a selection finds its way into the printed catalogue and formulates a unique visual language for a specific project.


Project: Material Catalogue
By: Stephanie Müller
Year: 2017

In this case, visual self-expression in four chapters and four techniques was created and gathered with the help of a catalog. Each technique became a chapter at the same time. Designed were between 20 and 25 pages for each chapter, which led to a 100-pages catalogue. Parameters were set for different techniques, such as photography, graphic shapes, and pattern, slogans, as well as typographic pictures out of the initials from my name.
The content of the catalogue was used to develop a graphic design poster.


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